Uncharted Adventures is a division of Wanderlust Adventure Group Ltd. We are a Professional Inbound Tour Operator promoting Jamaica as a Destination.

We offer very unique experiences for travelers to explore authentic Jamaica. We provide both day tours and multi-day tours and packages for those who would like to get out and really see what Jamaica is all about. Uncharted Adventures will exceed the expectations of the Jamaica tours or cruise excursions you have heard about as we bring you beyond the walls of the resorts or cruise ships and straight into feeling the true island vibes and Jamaican culture.

With over 14 years’ experience in the tourism industry, Uncharted Adventures, a family owned company, has the knowledge and expertise to give travelers insights into unique aspects of the cultures that many other tour companies miss. Remember, we are more than just a tour company, we are an experience.


Omar Evans’ love of travel has been a lifelong journey. With over two decades in the business, he’s passionate about helping solo travelers explore and discover their world through Uncharted Adventures – an amazing company offering unique day tours and small group outings.

Omar’s journey started in the best way – with purpose! Through working for his family’s business, Jamaica Volunteer Program, he was able to create valuable connections between travelers and local Jamaican communities. His mom opened up a world of possibilities by getting involved early on which inspired him to continue her legacy; showing people from all over that there is something special about experiencing life in Jamaica!

Omar had a truly unique opportunity during his time with the Jamaica Volunteer Program. He got to connect and share stories with people from far-flung destinations, giving him an insider’s view of the travel industry that few get to experience! His travels sparked something in him – he saw how amazing trips could be created through bringing together communities across Jamaica and around the world.

The core of Uncharted Adventures is the idea of building a community of like-minded travelers who can explore the world together. Omar and his team have gone to great lengths to create the best possible travel experiences. They’ve visited places, interviewed local guides, met with people, and sampled the food to ensure that each tour is unique and authentic.

Experience the world like never before with Uncharted Adventures! Our passionate and experienced travel experts have hand-picked a selection of incredible tours for you to explore, lending an authentic local feel that goes far beyond your typical multi-day tour. Get ready to venture off the beaten path and discover real Jamaica in all its glory – sign up now for an adventure unlike anything else out there!


We are a team of travel enthusiasts that create unique and socially responsible travel experiences and provide services beyond expectations.


Our vision is to help build a Jamaica where tourism dollars support the development of local livelihood as well as benefit and protect our local environment and culture.


Omar Evans

A world traveler and someone who is skilled in all things tourism, to say Omar knows Jamaica like the back of his hand, would be an understatement. As the co-founder of Uncharted Adventures, he is a huge proponent of community tourism and in giving travelers to Jamaica an authentic and remarkable experience. He is always so pleased to hear explorers (our guests!) say that in their many travel experiences, the ones with Uncharted, stand out as the best.

Maureen Wright-Evans

Kimani Ffriend

Kimani Ffriend comes to the team with a vast amount of travel experience. His days globetrotting started as he left Jamaica to pursue professional basketball overseas in the NBA and European leagues. Kimani returns to Jamaica with world view that allows him to thrive when he meets people of various backgrounds and cultures. Any traveler is sure to be put to ease when they are greeted by his warm and jovial spirit.

Sasha Mullings

Nicole, a native Bostonian has been a resident in Jamaica for the past three years. Having traveled to Jamaica over 15 times in her lifetime, she wanted to make the unparalleled beauty of Jamaica her full residence time. She channels her love for Jamaica and her background in social work to lead the outreach division of Uncharted Adventures.

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