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Responsible & Ectical tourism

Uncharted Adventures is dedicated to fostering responsible and ethical tourism practices that prioritize sustainability, cultural sensitivity, and positive social impact. We achieve this through a multi-faceted approach:

We prioritize sustainability by selecting eco-friendly accommodations and transportation options, and by supporting local businesses to minimize our environmental footprint. Cultural sensitivity is paramount in our operations; we celebrate local customs and traditions while encouraging respectful interactions between travelers and communities.

Community empowerment is central to our mission. We collaborate with local organizations to address community needs, supporting initiatives in education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. Wildlife conservation is another focus area; we advocate for the protection of endangered species and ecosystems, and ensure our wildlife experiences adhere to ethical standards.

Educating travelers on responsible practices is integral to our philosophy. Through pre-trip resources, discussions, and activities, we raise awareness about environmental and cultural conservation. Our goal is to empower travelers to become advocates for responsible tourism in their own communities, promoting sustainable behaviors and positive change worldwide. Join us on a journey where exploration and impact go hand in hand.

School Renovations

Negril Early Childhood Institute Expansion Project

This was Uncharted Adventure’s inaugural outreach project and took place in place in a small community aptly named, Good Hope. With the help of kindhearted travelers, the company contributed money to paint the school, plant beautiful flowers and also assisted in construction of a classroom. The renovations made the school environment more inviting and more conducive for students to learn.

Ocho Rios All Age School Beautification Project

We were lucky to have a chance to partner with Crown Creative Educational Institution. They were instrumental in outfitting Exchange All Age School with 3 murals. Not only did the murals add great curb appeal to the buildings, the messages were part of the Jamaica’s Ministry of Education initiative and were rooted in respect and appropriate school behavior. Crown Creative also gave many notebooks, pens, pencils , and other supplies in addition to helping in the classrooms.

How You Can Help

Community Tour​

Our Community Tour is our flagship product and most popular of the Jamaica tours we have to offer. This tour brings you off the beaten path, in uncharted territory to the heart of local Jamaican villages. It’s your chance to get a glimpse of the authentic Jamaica, stop at a local jerk restaurant and meet locals along the way. Learn more about community affairs and ins and outs of what daily life is life. End your trip with a cooling dip in the beautiful, turquoise Caribbean waters!

The Community Tour also allows you to donate school supplies, shoes or books to a local school.

Monetary Donations

Make a monetary donation to an initiative of your choice.

Hospital Visit and Gift Giving

Visit, bring gifts and lift the spirits of patients in local hospitals. Some suggestions: Medical supplies, toys, games, and toiletries.

In the medical field? We welcome

Nurses, doctors or dentists offer free medical clinics for those in need. Donate medical items to a local clinic. (See our donation page for a suggested list of items).

Nurses, doctors or dentists may offer free medical clinics (must provide own equipment).

Community Building and Renovation Projects

There is always a need to help build and repair infrastructure in schools and across local communities. Assist in the project or help by donating building supplies

Pack with a Purpose

Create a little extra room in your luggage and donate toiletries, clothing items, school supplies or infant supplies to individuals in need.

Veterinary Supplies

Donate animal supplies to local animal clinics here in Jamaica.

Sponsor a Child Program

The iCan Foundation Sponsor a Child program is an initiative that offers donations to students by way of uniforms, backpacks, school supplies, lunch and school fees. Many people in communities across Jamaica are burdened financially. When it comes to school here in Jamaica, families have to gather enough funds for uniforms, books, shoes, supplies. Because they are imported, these items come at a heavy cost and that’s not all. School fees, taxi fares, and lunch money make school a nearly impossible expense.

Our Aim

The aim of the Sponsor a Child program is to help children secure the necessary funds and materials needed for school. There are many implications to a child missing school: they aren’t able to build the prerequisite skills for later learning and fall behind, they miss out on building important social skills and jeopardize nutrition; schools ensure that children are eating and eating wholesome nutritional meals. Schools are critical part of child’s life and in communities across Jamaica, education is a direct connection for evading poverty. Please consider bestowing a child with the gift of education.

Suggested Donations

School Bags and Supplies

Notebooks, backpacks paper, stickers, pencils, pens, crayons, markers, paint, miscellaneous art supplies, calculators, rulers, coloring books, and any education flashcards/games/ supplies


Schools are in great need of computers, printers, laptops, tablets-all working electronics would be greatly appreciated

Clothing Items and Shoes

Gently used clothes for adults and children are a great item to donate

Toys and Games

Traditional toys(blocks, puzzles, cars, dolls) as well as unique toys are scarce across some communities.

Travelers are welcome to bring donations not included above, as well.

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